‘Resident Evil 7’ news, updates, tips, cheats: Don’t Be Last to Grab Two New Endings for Latest ‘Midnight’ Beginning Hour Demo Update

By Abigail Briones , Updated Dec 05, 2016 12:08 PM EST

Two new endings were unlocked on the latest update for "Resident Evil 7" besides unveiling a new area. Stick with this report to find out how to acquire these Beginning Hour demo freebies.

This mentioned area can be entered through a moldy door on the right side, coming out of the first room, as reported. Going through this area, there is no need pass through other sections. A racket comes from behind this door, but it is a worthy risk for two new endings to "Resident Evil 7."

There are things to do to gain entry into the last part of "Midnight" demo update of the "Resident Evil 7." It involves placing the fuse (from secret passage by the fireplace) in the fuse box, getting the finger from the second nest of drawers that comes up after getting out of the TV room, and on the next floor, going up the stairs up to the attic.

Here, there are some objects to be acquired from the room entered by walking into the first right-hand door beyond the phone: a key which opens the basement, bullets beneath the bed, and a celluloid object which joins with the finger.

Going past the moldy door and a corridor is a right hand door leading to a weird bathroom for more bullets. In here can also be found a defective toilet and a pipe which looks like something can be slid into it.

Out of the bathroom and down the corridor, players claim an empty notebook from a drawer by the right, and even more bullets, this time on the opposite side on a high shelf. As the end of the corridor is reached, "Resident Evil 7" players will find a locked gate opened with the key from the upper level.

Beyond the gate, downstairs, another cache of bullets by the left more than halfway down the stairs, right under a step, can be uncovered and a lock pick further on for unlocking the kitchen drawer to get a hatchet. This tool can be used to destroy the crate with the yellow tape which can be found in the room up top for more bullets. Why the numerous bullets?

This area brings players near the place where the molded will attack by either touching the valve on the right or taking the key at the end of the corridor. The key unlocks an upstairs window for escape. Whether it's the valve or the key, the door closes and the molded attack. Players can make use of the bullets here.

The deciding factor for the ending is whether players get hit by the molded. Getting hit will lead to the Infected Ending while going through unscathed leads to the True Ending.

A little more needs to be done getting that far. But not all of the mysteries will be answered at this point like the blank notebook and finger. As players go along, these things will get explained soon enough.

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