Tech Must-Have: Fidget Cube: Device for Those Who Love to Fidget

By Florence Maxino , Updated Dec 05, 2016 09:11 AM EST

The Fidget Cube is an extremely addicting and comforting desk toy meant to calm the nerves of the people who tend to fidget a lot. This small object contains a lot of contraptions that help lessen the fidgeting of those who tend to do so.

The proposal got its inspiration from those who experience extreme urges to fidget. Fidgeting is the subconscious activity of the brain to do give out random activities while the individual is deep in thought. Such examples are kneading clothing back and forth with your palms, rolling objects in between your fingers , shaking your feet or leg, clicking pens and other activities that usually involve the movement of your hands and fingers. In some rare instances, there are cases where extreme fidgeting occurs. The Fidget Cube was designed with those people in mind.

 Coming from the makers of the Apple Watch Duet, they now bring you a new and simple technology that you didn't know you need. The toy is created so that people who fidget can do it discreetly. There are people who bother and disturb others because of their unconscious fidgeting habits. With this tiny contraption, people can function in harmony without having to disturb the other.

 The Fidget Cube, much like its name is shaped like a die or a cube. It has six sides made for different fidgeting impulses. One side contains five buttons with three of them you can alternately press (with a clicking noise) much like that of a pen, and two are buttons which do not make noise to avoid disruption. One side has a toggle switch to that one can switch back and forth, you can do it with the clicking sound and with silent option. Another side has a glider or a joystick that you can rotate in a circular motion. The fourth side contains 3 gears that are like the ones in combination locks and a metallic rolling ball (picture a roll-on) which you can spin and click at the same time. The second to the last side contains an indented space that fits your thumb in. Lastly, the sixth side contains a round button-like turntable that you can spin around like a wheel. This device sounds pretty convenient and can help deal with stress.

 The product first came out as in Kickstarter and is now available in Amazon. You can choose different colors to fit your personality. This device is addicting yet stress-relieving and is a definite must-have for the person who's always on the go.


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