'Grand Theft Auto 5 Online' Latest News & Update: Import/Export Feature For Cars Added; Be The Crime Boss Of Your Organization

By Kenneth Bren Briones , Updated Dec 05, 2016 08:29 PM EST

"Grand Theft Auto 5 Online" will have an upcoming update. In this update, players can wreak more havoc and also become a crime boss of an organization. The new game update also introduces a new feature, which allows players to import or export sought-after cars in the game.

Rockstar Games has done it again. The game developer filled fans and gamers alike with far too much excitement. "Grand Theft Auto 5 Online" grows even bigger. After the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update, the game developer will release an expansion this month -- the Import/Export expansion.

In the upcoming update of "Grand Theft Auto 5 Online," stealing and dealing with high-end cars is a serious business not to be taken lightly. The Import/Export feature introduces a whole new world of criminal pursuits, modifications and reselling the most wanted vehicles in the city for big bucks. It will take some serious skills, talents, timing and tactical use of brand new Special Vehicles to get the job done. Players must always stay a step ahead of the police and rival challengers across the city and countryside.

According to Rockstar, they are saving the details for later to amaze fans and players of "Grand Theft Auto 5 Online." Though they teased that the brand new special vehicles will deliver a brand new experience and bring mayhem into the next level. Grand Theft Auto 5 is already allowing players to wreck so much havoc with attack helis and tanks. The addition of the new special vehicles will certainly make things even more insane in a fun way.

The Further Adventures in Finance and Felony expansion will also give players the ability to become the CEO or the Big Boss of an organization. This will truly make "Grand Theft Auto 5 Online" even more interesting and will add more heat to one of the most played games nowadays. The new update is slated to launch sometime this month. To get a glimpse of these game changer vehicles, stay tuned to GamenGuide.

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