'PS4' Gaming Latest , News & Update: Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us 2, Confirmed To Hit The PS4 Stall Racks Soon!

By Lei Velayo , Updated Dec 05, 2016 07:48 PM EST

The long wait is finally over for PS4 avid gamers, The Last of Us 2 is already confirmed as Naughty Dog released a trailer. What could happen next?

Naughty Dog released a trailer without any signs such as teasers, or anything. The trailer started with teen Ellie hitting notes on her guitar, singing songs as she was surrounded by dead clickers and zombies as if it is nothing. Joel walked through the room and checked on Ellie, Naughty Dog did not show Joel's face throughout the trailer. Joel asked Ellie about her plan, and Ellie responded "every last one of them," with blood dripping on her face.

As the first game, The Last of Us mounted on its way up, players were skeptic about what could happen on The Last of Us 2, avid fans were worried about it. The producers thought the same thing and assured the fans saying they should trust and put their faith on them.

Neil Druckmann, Naughty Dog's creative director also said that the Naughty Dog team had so much thought into The Last of Us 2 as he knows that there are a lot of people who feel nervous about coming back to the characters and reexamining what that ending really meant and worrying whether that's going to spoil the first game. The expectations are high.

Judging from The Last of Us 2's initial trailer, slash teaser, this game could be about the 19-year-old girl, Ellie. Naughty Dog's Ellie might be seeking for revenge as her statement, "every one last of them," comes along with her vindictive body language and voice.

The Last Of Us 2 would be the complementary story to the first game. More likely, it would be the continuation, though Ellie would be the main character, and as it seems, she would be the playable character instead of Joel. Yet, so far, Naughty Dog has not made any official announcement on how this anticipated game shall go.

Watch this The Last Of Us 2 PS4 Trailer as Ellie hits 'F' chords:

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