Elon Musk News, Update: Why He’s Most Admired Tech Leader, Stepping On Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg; SpaceX Still Looking For Partners?

By Henry Abragan , Updated Dec 05, 2016 06:36 PM EST

Elon Musk has reportedly replaced the late Steve Jobs of Apple and Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg as the Most Admired Tech Leader. It is said that 23 percent of the respondents from a survey conducted among 700 tech companies favored Musk.

The survey was reportedly conducted by the First Round Capital asking the tech experts who they admired the most in the field. Apparently, Musk came in first followed by Jeff Bezos of Amazon with 10 percent of the votes. Apparently, the Facebook genius only came in third with 6 percent. The late Steve Jobs was still a hit in the field according to 5 percent of the poll.

The First Round Capital reportedly launched State of Startups to capture the essence of entrepreneurs. The founders of the venture-backed companies were asked to write the tech leader most admirable to them. Apart from Musk, 124 other names were reportedly written down as well, Mobipicker reported.

Although the Tesla and SpaceX leader Musk held the top spot, the survey may have not mentioned the reason behind the choice. However, it is speculated that Musk was chosen for his visionary ideas and the inspiration he gives to people by leading in the forefront of space travel. Musk has also been noted as the chairman of SolarCity and X.com and co-chairman of OpenAI and Zip2.

In other news, the billionaire Musk is rumored to be in talks of a partnership with the founder of a space exploration company. Latest news reveal that Moon Express Founder Naveen Jain is reportedly willing to work with Musk. Note that his private company was previously permitted by the U.S. government for space exploration particularly with the moon, CNBC reported.

Musk is reportedly set on working with Jain on space exploration. Musk is reportedly tasked to build the rocket while Jain and his team will work on the rover. It has also been noted that Moon Express is also slated to go on a mission to the moon in 2017 with a robotic rover.  Watch Musk talks about Entrepreneurship here:


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