Final Fantasy XV Tips & Guides: 'Cid Sophiar' The Genius Mechanic To Upgrade Noctis' Weapons for Higher Attack Power

By K Wissie , Updated Dec 05, 2016 05:53 PM EST

"Cid Sophiar" looks like grumpy old man in "Final Fantasy XV" but actually he is a kind-hearted and helpful person. He is the owner and operator of the "Hammerhead" garage; and the grandfather of "Cindy Aurum", a skilful mechanic who helps him. Cid also takes care of Noctis' car, the "Regalia".

One of Noctis's side quests in in "Final Fantasy XV"  is to find and meet "Cid Sophiar" at the head to Hammerhead Post. Noctis would need to present the weapon that they had found to Cid, which he would confirm to be of Lucian origin. Noctis would also need to give a metal scrap to Cid and he would reward him the "Drain Lance II".

Noctis needs to keep on communicating with "Cid Sophiar" and provid him the metal scraps he found in the wild as well as exotic treasures from hunting down certain beasts in order for Cid to upgrade his weapons like the "Engine Blade" and other mechanical weapons with a + symbol in "Final Fantasy XV."

"Cid Sophiar" also helps Noctis in upgrading weapons that are no longer useful. An example of this, he can upgrade the "Engine Blade" from 28 attack to 40 and enhance it again to 207 attack by creating the "Engine Blade III" given that Noctis is able to provide him with the right materials for the upgrade. Also, take note that weapons can be upgraded more than once in "Final Fantasy XV."

At the start of Chapter 2 entitled "Legacy", Noctis would need to speak again with "Cid Sophiar". He would inform Noctis about his memorable past with "King Regis". Before Noctis sets out again, Cid would tell him to go up to North of the "Royal Tomb" in the local "Leide" area to meet with "General Cor Leonis", who is waiting for him in "Final Fantasy XV" challenges and levels.

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