Carl’s Eye Socket Finally Revealed On ‘The Walking Dead’ — Ugly Pic

By Surabhi Verma , Updated Dec 05, 2016 06:47 PM EST

At the December 4 episode of "The Walking Dead", things got really uncomfortable especially while Carl (Chandler Riggs) get too badly tortured by Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), inside the Sanctuary , further leading to an emotional dismantle.

In the middle of a hard hitting one-on-one conversation inside Negan's alluring bedroom, the villain asked Carl to take off his eye patch and show him his missing eye. Yikes. This has never been done before by him infront of anyone, and we had sudden jitters. Carl hesitated a lot in the beginning till the time he was aware of the fact that he had no choice in the matter, he then slowly but surely unwrapped the bandage from around his head. From beneath came out the never seen before big, black eye socket, along with what appeared to be scars from stitches around the missing eye.

This was a bit uncomfortable and unexpected as it was the very first time we've got to see Carl's missing eye since Ron (Austin Abrams) accidentally shot it out while trying to kill Rick (Andrew Lincoln). It was a deep juncture for Carl, too, because once Negan started ripping into him about the "disgusting" eye socket, the teenager broke down in heavy tears.

This led to a surprisingly soft moment from Negan, in which he appeared to genuinely feel bad for making Carl upset. In response he not only apologized, but encouraged Carl to stop wearing an eye patch and instead embrace his "bad a-s" new look. Despite the emotional toll this moment took on Carl, he got off extremely easy after killing two of Negan's men in an attempt to take the man down himself. However, the episode ended pretty ominously with Negan suggesting that he might just have to take Alexandria for himself!

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