‘The Last Guardian' Latest News & Update: After 10 Years, Sony Finally Releases ‘Ico’ And ‘Shadow Of The Colossus’ Follow Up

By Jun Pasaylo , Updated Dec 05, 2016 11:14 PM EST

After a decade of agonizing years of developmental struggles, 'The Last Guardian' is finally here. Sony has finally found the missing piece of the puzzle, running the much awaited game to the more powerful PlayStation 4 console and not to its supposed original host, the PS3.

Developed by SIE Japan Studio, the game was released on December 6 for Sony PlayStation 4. Design by Japanese director Fumito Ueda, 'The Last Guardian' was supposed to be a follow up of PS2 masterpieces 'Ico' and 'Shadow of the Colossus.'

But it faced 10 years of insurmountable technical challenges as the developer aimed to originally run the game for PS3.

'The Last Guardian' starts with a narrative of an old man who tells of a story of a child, the player, waking beside a shackled beast named Trico at the bottom of a deep lair.

In describing Trico, the TIME said the creature is a winged and feathered being that looks a bit like a griffin but without the eagle's beak and a face that's a composite of a cat's, a dog's and rabbit's.

Bloodied and hurt with a spear pierced at his body, Trico is far from being friendly at first. But soon enough, the boy and Trico started to trust to each other until he ultimately befriended the once untamed beast.

As the game progresses, players soon realize Trico's ultimate role in the journey -- a friend, protector, vehicle and platform.

According to The Guardian, 'The Last of the Guardians' was woven by the story of friendship and survival "to live up to those impossible dreams, from enigmatic start to grand and glorious finish."

'The Last Guardian' is simple game - no multiplayer and no extra content but a clean, straightforward single-player adventure of about 12 to 15 hours in length.

Coming out starting today at your favorite game store, 'The Last of the Guardians' price tag was pegged at $59.99 exclusive on PS4 console only.

Watch the 11-minute walkthrough demo of 'The Last Guardian' here:

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