'Final Fantasy 15’ Guide: Get 1 Million XP in Just One Single Mission

By Allan , Updated Dec 05, 2016 06:33 PM EST

Not many are aware but there are ways to get up to 1,000,000 XP in just one single mission in "Final Fantasy 15" and level up quickly. And it can be done by just adjusting the mix of micro-management and buffing. And this guide will show exactly how it is done.

How to Level Up Quickly in "Final Fantasy 15" And Get 1 Million XP in One Mission?

Once players reach Chapter 8 in the game, there is a side quest that players can take. In this quest, players are asked to take control of Formouth Garrison. The Garrison is located in the northeastern part of the map which is opposite Entethina Haven camp. Players can visit the Garrison at any time but the assault cannot be launched unless the side quest has been activated.

Once the quest is activated, players just need to get close to Formouth Garrison for the mission to start. The secret to winning this mission is having everyone in the team in full health, a full 99 on each element and 2 empty Magic Flasks. When ready, players should use their food for great benefits, preferably the Lasane Al Forno for 4,000 HP and null all elemental attacks.

How to Win the Quest and Get 1,000,000 XP in "Final Fantasy 15"?

Next, players should use Thunder spells to buff items including Debased Silver piece, Coin, banknote and other items. Combine it all using as many items as possible to make several Expericast spells with a potency of 99. Use as many as possible throughout the quest, particularly in the last 2 fight against the boss to gain a big experience bonus.

When the quest is completed, players shouldn't leave at once. They first need to go around and investigate the area to see more battles with the bosses. At this point, all the experience gained has already reached half a million and there's more in the area. Players should head in the southeastern direction which will lead outside to a big robot falling from an airship. Last but not the least, double the EXP gained by checking into Galdin Quay Inn which will reach the almost 1 Million XP in "Final Fantasy 15" as promised.

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