'Final Fantasy 15’ Guide: Where to Find Magnetron to Get Noiseblaster

By Allan , Updated Dec 05, 2016 06:32 PM EST

"Final Fantasy 15" has many rare weapons that players can use in the battles in the game. Each one has its own unique ability and can be upgraded to a more powerful weapon with the right ingredient. One of this weapon is the Noiseblaster which can only be upgraded with a Magnetron. And that is what this article is all about, helping players find Magnetron to get the upgraded weapon, Noiseblaster.

Where to Get "Final Fantasy 15" Magnetron?

To get Magnetron, players just need to go with the game's story and wait until they reach Chapter 13 Redemption. In this part of the story, players will be receiving a quest called A King's Struggle. Just go with the game and wait until their character tries to save Prompto. Later on, they will find out it was just a decoy, players will use a mechanism to upgrade their security clearance.

And as "Final Fantasy 15" players leave the area and pass the gate, they just need to check the second room on their left. A shiny object should be seen on the floor. Of course, that item is no other than the Magnetron needed for the Noiseblaster upgrade.

How to Upgrade Noiseblaster in "Final Fantasy 15"?

As soon as the player got the Magnetron from Chapter 13 of "Final Fantasy 15", the next step is to have the weapon finally upgraded to a Noiseblaster. The next thing to do is to find the person who will upgrade the weapon, Cid. All the players need to do now is hand him the Magnetron to get the weapon upgrade.

Noiseblaster is just one of the many powerful weapons in the game, most weapons are also upgradeable and makes them a much stronger weapon that players can use in their battles in "Final Fantasy 15"

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