Xbox Scorpio Latest News & Update: Xbox One S VS Xbox Scorpio;Should You Wait For The Scorpio Or Buy An Xbox One?

By Yang Llaneza , Updated Dec 06, 2016 03:44 AM EST

Scheduled to launch in 2017, the Xbox Scorpio is the most exciting and ambitious thing to come out of Xbox since the first Xbox One. Ironically, though, Microsoft publicised two new video game consoles at the Electronic Entertainment Expo last June. One of these was the Xbox Scorpio, and the other was the Xbox One S. Here is how the two compare.

Xbox Scorpio vs Xbox One S, on Similarities

The Xbox One S is basically an all-new, streamlined Xbox One. It is a slightly upgraded version of the Xbox One that customers were buying since November of 2013. The console is a lot smaller than the previous Xbox. It also comes with an improved Xbox Wireless Controller and support for television sets with High-Dynamic Range color contrast and 4K Ultra HD resolutions. Videos play at 4K resolution, but games are up-scaled to 4K reported by USA Today.

Think of the Xbox One S as a starting point for the Xbox Scorpio. Then add 6 teraflops or trillion floating point operations per second of graphical processing power. It is the first and the only console to enable true 4K gaming and hi-fidelity VR. It will use the same apps, the same Xbox Live Gold subscription for multiplayer and offer the same games.

Xbox Scorpio vs Xbox One S, on Differences

Microsoft wants to create the best device at the lowest possible price. While it designed the Xbox One and Xbox One S, the company had in mind that families could afford. Visuals and features were big worries, but not as big as creating a machine that the masses could buy without emptying their savings.

The Xbox Scorpio is for those who want the optimum graphics. Hardware improvements inside enable it to handle games with higher resolutions than what the Xbox One and Xbox One S offer. Games will not get scaled up from lower resolutions if run on 4K televisions. Games that offer 4K support will definitely look better on the Xbox Scorpio than the Xbox One S on a 4K television.

Additionally, all that processing power will enable Microsoft to explore new-fangled features the current Xbox One consoles cannot offer. The Xbox Scorpio will be the best at gaming, with a price that is definitely reflective to that.

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