‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ Latest News, Gameplay & Update: Thanksgiving Update Gives Players More Chances To Rack Up The Cash! Game Features!

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 05, 2016 09:06 PM EST

“Grand Theft Auto Online” continues to make strides and Rockstar Games is making sure that gamers are given their due. This normally comes via the DLC route and one that recently got rolled out was the Thanksgiving update.

Included in the Thanksgiving update for “Grand Theft Auto Online” were bonuses that allowed players to earn more money in the game and points. Much of this could be done via the new game modes for GTA Online, Neurogadget reported.

Among the new game modes for “Grand Theft Auto Online” include Turbine mode. This premium race rewards players triple the RP points with the winner getter in-game dollars as well.

If that may be too easy for “Grand Theft Auto Online” gamers, there is another mode to try out called “Kill Quota”. In this mode, gamers get to play with up to 16 players or be part of a team (up to four) where they try to shoot down the other. To give you a better idea, this mode is fairly similar to the one done on “Half-Life: Counter-Strike”.

The “Kill Quota” game mode may look easy in the early goings but things start to get harder as players progress on “Grand Theft Auto Online”. Players start armed with powerful weapons though these reach a point where they will eventually vanish.

The new mode/s for “Grand Theft Auto Online” is another perk that follows an upcoming feature this December. This is with reference to the Import/Export DLC for GTA Online that will reportedly come soon.

As the add-on title connotes, this will be another money-making alternative for “Grand Theft Auto Online” gamers. It puts players in a spot where they have to manage the vehicles stocked up in their garage and deciding which should be retained, disposed or enhanced, as mentioned in a previous post.

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