'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: PokeStops Becomes Portal To Three Mini-Games In Christmas Update? PokeBalls, PokeCoins, Rare 'Pokemon' As Prizes?

By LA Zamora , Updated Dec 06, 2016 03:36 AM EST

December 2016 is truly an exciting month for "Pokemon Go" players especially since Niantic is reportedly brewing a massive "Pokemon Go" update for Christmas. Amid the excitement for the "Pokemon Go" Christmas update, "Pokemon Go" players have been raising some concern about the rules in the said update. Read on to know more about "Pokemon Go" Christmas update.

'Pokemon Go' Latest News

According to reports, "Pokemon Go" Christmas update will be giving away big prizes for players who will be participating in the in-game events. However, there is a catch - only "Pokemon Go" players who are level 10 and higher are allowed to participate in the "Pokemon Go" Christmas update.

This has reportedly received backlash from the "Pokemon Go" players who are still in the early levels of the game. However, "Pokemon Go" players need not panic and protest as the said "Pokemon Go" Christmas update requirements remain unconfirmed.

'Pokemon Go' Latest Updates

Aside from the chance of catching the rarest "Pokemon" creatures in history, players who will be participating in the "Pokemon Go" Christmas update will reportedly have a surprise waiting for them in the Christmas PokeStops. In "Pokemon Go" Christmas update, the ordinary PokeStops and "Pokemon Go" Gyms will reportedly serve as a portal where players can enter three different mini-games.

The said "Pokemon Go" Christmas update mini-games can be compared to a bonus round where players exert little effort and simply enjoy the game. Aside from that, the "Pokemon Go" Christmas update mini-games will reportedly allow the players to choose the prizes from extra Pokemon balls, PokeCoins or a rare Pocket monster of their choice.

'Pokemon Go' Christmas Update Schedule

As of writing, Niantic is reportedly still on the process of ironing out the details for the "Pokemon Go" Christmas update so it is highly suggested that players take the following reports with a grain of salt. According to "Pokemon Go" forums, "Pokemon Go" Christmas update is expected to begin on December 20 and end on December 26. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for more "Pokemon Go" news and updates!


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