‘Pokémon Go’ News & Update: Christmas Event This Dec. 20; Arrival Of Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos And Moltres

By Ralphy Bonn Sim , Updated Dec 05, 2016 11:19 PM EST

Pokémon Go players will discover that training at gyms will take a lot less time than it has in recent weeks, thanks to an update developer Niantic quietly released over the weekend. The update covers the training rewards back to their original level, following widespread complaints from more competitive fans following a change last month.

This is good news for "Pokémon Go" players who are dedicated in raising their Pokémon at gyms.

 In "Pokémon Go," members of each team can compete against teammates who have staked their claim over a gym. Last November, Niantic claimed the rate at which those gyms would award players prestige points, which would level up that gym to fortify it. Instead of receiving 1,000 prestige points, players can only grant for just 500 points. That means they're strengthening these friendly battle arenas which will take twice as long as it did before.

"Trainers, the amount of Prestige gained when training at friendly Gyms has been reverted back to the original values," as stated by Niantic from the game's account.

The "Pokémon GO's" Christmas event will bring an increase of spawns in ice type of Pokémon's plus double candies for catching, transferring and hatching them. There will also be some adjustments as players will have a reduce distance to walk their Pokémon's to get runes.

"I loved when it was this way. I spend majority of my time taking/training gyms, so I'm happy with this," as stated by an avid Pokémon Go gamer.

The "Pokémon GO's" Christmas event showed a great group of people watching Mewtwo as he battles his opponent that also leads for all the players allowing for finally capturing Mewtwo.

Many predictions evolve saying that New York's Time Square is the popular place on New Year's Eve; which could also be the time when the popular advertisement from "Niantic" be done. Articuno which means one could follow and be released on January 1. Zapdos means two can probably be released on January 2 while Moltres can also be released on January 3.

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