'Final Fantasy XV' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How to Quickly Gain and Farm APs to Dominate the Game! More Guides & Hacks

By Christian M. , Updated Dec 06, 2016 06:01 AM EST

One of the most important elements in "Final Fantasy XV" is the Ability Points (AP). The AP is basically the players' life in the gameplay. It is also the currency used to unlock new abilities. Essentially, APs take care of the skills of a character in "Final Fantasy XV," so they are truly important.

Getting AP in "Final Fantasy XV" can be done in a lot of ways. These include cooking, camping out, engaging in Chocobo races, taking photos, and completing quests. APs also come as a reward upon level up. Here are some ways on how to get APs fast in "Final Fantasy XV."

Down to Basics

The most basic ways to get APs in "Final Fantasy XV" include the activation of the armiger chain, casting a spell, acquiring the Chocobump ability, driving a car for a quarter mile, or catching a fish. These will give instant 1 AP to the characters. Other "Final Fantasy XV" AP boosters are combat training, combat challenges, finishing quests, and doing beneficial dialogues.

Get Hammering

The first chapter of "Final Fantasy XV" will bring you to Hammerhead. This is located in the Leide region, and is owned by Cid and Cindy. Talking to Cindy will give you 10 APs easily. Acquire more APs by camping there or even absorbing the elemental energy emitted by the North of Cotisse Haven.

Selecting a recipe that does not require ingredients or buying 91 bottles of sheep milk in Hammerhead would also get you APs. "Final Fantasy XV" players can also take Ignis to make the Finish Stirred, Not Shaken Tour, or even train with Gladious. "Final Fantasy XV" players can also find and defeat the Dual Horn for more APs. Warp Strike could also be performed to defeat three enemies.

Bust Some Moves

Fighting low-level monsters in "Final Fantasy XV" is another way to gain APs. Parry, doing a Link Strike, or choosing a Warp Strike are particularly useful. These skills will kill off every respawning enemy, allowing you to farm as much APs as possible. One monster killed gets you 1 AP. Just remember that the more special moves you do in "Final Fantasy XV," the more AP you get.

Photo Finish

Creating different rest or camp points throughout the map of "Final Fantasy XV" also gets you APs. While building them does not necessarily give APs, visiting these rest or camp points do. Driving the Regalia longer also results to higher APs. Chocobo races in "Final Fantasy XV" are especially useful for this one. Taking photos in a quest is also an easy way to earn APs.

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