iPhone 7 Latest News and Updates: Sudden Battery Drain, Shut Down Problems; How To Fix It

By Mara Rev , Updated Dec 06, 2016 05:30 AM EST

Battery problems and sudden shut down problems have been usual problems with iPhones. Recent reports show that iPhone 7 users complain that their phone would turn off even while still at 30 percent.

Problems keep popping up and one of these problems would be the fast battery discharge. Several users reported a rapid battery drain especially with the recent update of iOS 10.1.1 and all handsets from iPhone 7 are facing the battery drain problems. There is already a 15-page thread of discussion about the issue in Apple's support forums with users narrating issues about how their iPhone device is jumping from 30 percent to 1 percent, with handsets like iPhone 7 and iPhone 5 shutting down.

How to fix this issue?

Apple has not made a comment about this issue, except that it announced a replacement battery process on its official website. However, according to Apple they will only replace the batteries of iPhone 6 devices with the process being detailed in their website. iPhone 7 users will have to do the following in order to fix the battery drain problems:

Give it a Day

When your iPhone 7 gets a new version of iOS, it would usually expend a lot of power by downloading apps, games, mails, and photos. To remedy this, give the device a day and check if your battery is still doing the same.

Test on Standby and Reset or Restore as New

Figure out what if you're using twice as much battery power for your applications in your iPhone 7 devices. Note down how much battery life you have left and put your device down for 20-40 minutes and note down the battery life that you have left when you pick it back up. If the difference is not that big while in standby, then your battery life is okay. If your battery is still not normal, try to reset your phone or restore your phone as new. The instructions are provided in Apple Support website.

If there is still no change in your iPhone 7 device's battery life, contact Apple. They should be able to figure out if your battery needs replacement or not.

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