AMD Zen Release Date, News & Update: AMD Appears To Have Trademarked ‘RyZen’ & ‘ThreadRipper’ For Its Hardcore Zen CPU

By Arianne Gift , Updated Dec 06, 2016 11:57 AM EST

AMD Zen onlookers have marked December 13 on their calendars already, but AMD is adamant that consumers be hell-bent in acquiring the next-gen CPU. While netizens and news outlets continue to spark the feud between AMD and Intel, vigilant bystanders have spotted some trademarked names that could be used for AMD's CPU family.

AMD Zen: The Rise Of The Zen?

Everyone's so caught up on AMD Zen's release date that nobody has bothered to ask what the CPU family will be called, until TweakTown picked up some juicy details on Reddit. The upcoming Zen CPU could be called RyZen, which according to fans is a clever take on the Zen name, Rise + Zen.

The AMD Zen CPUs are set to rival Intel's eight-core, six-core, quadcore i7 and i5 CPUs in the market with extremely impressive performance and a convenient pricing to boot. While the Zen CPUs are expected to be released early next year, the RyZen trademark has been filed by AMD in July 2016, reports WCCFTech.

Other Names For The AMD Zen CPU Roster

Other trademarked names for the upcoming AMD Zen processors are ThreadRipper, Grok, Joro, Jitzu and Vara. Apart from RyZen, ThreadRipper is a standout as well, and could be a badass name to compete with Intel's HyperThreading, priced at $499. The trademark for ThreadRipper was filed in October 2016, just a few more months after RyZen.

What's a concrete fact as of now is that the AMD Zen is based on a 14nm FinFET process and AMD is targeting a 40-percent uplift in IPC performance compared to the older 28nm Excavator core. Zen is fired by AMD's new AM4 platform and the powerful Summit Ridge, which is an 8-core, 16-thread beast.

The upcoming sophistication that is AMD Zen is said to have a base clock of 3.2GHz and a turbo clock of 3.5GHz, and will be more affordable than Intel's Core i7-5960X, which is priced for a whopping $1,000. A Geoff Keighley-hosted event is scheduled on December 13, but "RyZen's" availability is reportedly scheduled January 2017.

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