BoxBoy! News & Updates: The Adorable Puzzle Game’s Third Series Confirmed; BoxBoy! 3 'Goodbye! BoxBoy!' Will Release on 2017

By Arlene Limsiaco , Updated Dec 06, 2016 10:15 AM EST

Nintendo's one of the best game of the year, "BoxBoy!" will launch its third series in Japan called "Goodbye! BoxBoy!" The epic game will return on the 3DS on Feb. 2, 2017, together with "BoxBoy! Amiibo."

"BoxBoy! 3" HAL Laboratory and Nintendo's success puzzle platformer video game that earned its popularity for some gamers. And now with the third series on the way, there's no question asked if this video game will gain good reviews since it will be in 3DS version. Alongside, BoxBoy! 3 will out in Eshop version on Feb. 2 for 680 yen while the physical release will be on the same day costing 3,456 yen. The "Goodbye! BoxBoy!" or in Japanese "Sayonara! HakoBoy!" will be available only in Japan and there was no further announcement regarding its release to other west countries.

"BoxBoy! 3" offers more difficult puzzle levels with minimalistic design. To those who doesn't have any idea how BoxBoy! works; the players control the square-shaped called Qbby that can produce string to connect the boxes. It's quite funny and cute since Qbby has a full of personality, doing a fun little dance when you win the stage. The challenge in the game were the challenging levels that Qbby must be guided if you want to win the game using the connected boxes. The prizes for every win, the players will have medals that are usable for another more challenging levels, music, and of course, costumes for Qbby.

For you to feel the essence of the third series, and to understand the story as well, you can play the two series in Eshop for £4.49 and it was worth a download. The games came from "Smash Bros" series, and "Kirby" well known for their level designs and adorable characters. Regardless its design of black and white with square-shaped appearance of the main character, "BoxBoy! 3"  is indeed a charming game.

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