'Final Fantasy XV' Tips & Guides: Valuable 'Recipes' For Increased 'Attack', 'HP' of Noctis, Gladioulus, Prompto, and Ignis

By K Wissie , Updated Dec 06, 2016 06:02 PM EST

The "Grease Money's Schnitzel Sandwich" unlocks at diner in "Hammerhead" by ordering the "Hammerhead Hot Sandwich". Takka would ask Noctis to complete the "Emergency Delivery" first while playing for "Final Fantasy XV." 

Its ingredients are Garula Sirloin and Cleigne Wheat. It gives Attack +80, HP +200, and SP +50. The "Dish and Chips" unlocks by ordering Kenny's Fries at "Crow's Nest Diner" in Longwythe Rest Area. Its ingredient is Leiden Potato. It increases HP +300. The "Grilled Wild Barramundiunlocks by catching a Crag Barramundi fish.

Its ingredients are Barramundi Fillet and Schier Turmeric. It gives Attack +80, Magic +80, and HP+500. These are Noctis' favorites. The "Spicy Long-Bone Rib Steak", its ingredients are Dual Horn Steak from hunting the Dual Horn and Leiden Pepper. It gives Attack +50, HP+200, and SP +50. This is Prompto's favorite.

The "Prairie-Style Skewers" automatically unlocks once Ignis' cooking is Level 2. Its ingredients are Leidin Pepper and Anak Meat. It gives Attack +40, HP +200, SP +50. This is Gladiolus' favorite.The "Kenny's Original Recipe" unlocks after eating Kenny's Salmon at Crow's Nest Diner. Its ingredients are Nebula Salmon Fillet and Garlic. It gives Attack +50 and HP +200.

The "Fisherman's Favorite Paella" unlocks by going to the "Mother of Pearl" restaurant at Galdin Quay docks, and order the "Sea's Bounty Risotto". Its ingredients are Cleigne Mollusk, Caem Pinkshrimp, and Saxham Rice. It gives Attack +120, Recovery Rate +25 percent, and HP +600. These are Ignis' favorites.

The "Mystery Meat Sushi" unlocks by buying two "Luncheon Meats" from shops. It gives Attack +50 and HP +100. The "Battered Barramundi" unlocks at the Orieteering Checkpoint F poster in Galdin Quay near the beach and arms dealer.

Its ingredients are Barramundi Fillet and Leiden Potato. It gives Attack +100 and HP +500. And the "Garden Curry" unlocks by finding on a bench near the pumps in Galdin. Its ingredients are Leiden Potato, Schier Turmeric, and Saxham Rice. It gives Attack +80, HP +500, and Flame Resistance +50.


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