'Justice League' Release Date, Leaks & Update: Hal Jordan to be Played by Armie Hammer? Actor Uses Social Media Tease! Plot Details

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Dec 06, 2016 09:03 AM EST

The "Justice League" movie has finally moved past its creation phase, with the movie wrapping up filming not too long back. Even with the disclosure, there may still be some changes bound to happen to the film, which some may just believe to be a matter of time.

"Justice League" is filled with quite the repertoire of actors from the early going-both from the protagonists to the bad guys. The guessing game seems to plague the movie massively, especially on who else will be taking part; which in this case is "The Lone Ranger" actor Armie Hammer.

According to recent posts via Twitter, Hammer had an exchange of tweets with the confirmed Deathstroke actor, Joe Manganiello. Over the course of the conversation, Hammer was being congratulated over something unknown, which many presume to be a role in "Justice League." Hammer was rather naughty to continue the tease of playing with his fans, tweeting a potentially big announcement soon which turned out lackluster at some point. It was then clarified by Hammer that it was simply him finding his long lost guitar and "playing" with it again.

Some may not tolerate the simple idea of Hammer just teasing his fans, as hopes are up that he will indeed play Hal Jordan. It was said that the Green Lantern Corps. will be in the "Justice League" film, which would make good sense if Hammer was to portray. Though the ideas may be good, all is to be taken as a grain of salt for the time being until the team itself will disclose so.

"Justice League" will welcome the first cinematic interpretation of the faction that is not animated. There have been numerous animated flicks in the past for the titular league, and for Hammer, this could be the realization of what was once denied. It was said that Hammer was slated to play Batman back in 2013, though was not able to come into fruition.

Is there a possibility that Hammer will indeed play Hal Jordan in "Justice League?" Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and keep it locked here at GamenGuide before the movie launches November 17th next year.

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