'The Last of Us 2' Release Date, News & Update: Naught Dog Game Features A Ghost Joel? Storyline Features Plot Twist

By Daniel Flores , Updated Dec 06, 2016 10:09 AM EST

Fans who did get to see the Game Awards in December 5 must have been jumping out from their seats when Naughty Dog decided to play "The Last of Us 2" in the said event. With a little information given by the trailer, it seems fan theories will be emerging soon and there is one particular suggestion that will reveal the whole storyline of "The Last of Us 2."

Joel Being A Ghost In 'The Last of Us 2'?

The trailer did reveal Ellie being a young adult in "The Last of Us 2" with the character playing a tone and a revenge storyline will be featured from the upcoming sequel. With that said, some fans begin to wonder who Ellie would be so mad about that the character will go to violent means for vengeance.

According to Forbes, Joel as scene on the trailer, could probably be an apparition or a ghost that Ellie keeps seeing after a horrible death. "The Last of Us 2" trailer clearly assumes that Ellie most likely wants blood after the death of the character's Father-figure in the years that came.

Is also makes sense that Ellie will be the main playable character in "The Last of Us 2" and not Joel because Joel might be a dead in the sequel. Obviously, "The Last of Us 2" is set for how many years and fans don't know to whom Ellie has grown close to, but with Joel gone, it makes more sense rather than with anyone.

Furthermore, it is not the first time that games features a ghost floating around with the protagonist and showing up in one of the cut scenes in the game. However, there are many questions of how will Naughty Dog will apply this feature in "The Last of Us 2" or will the game developers just make Joel appear in Ellie's past memories.

However, "The Last of Us 2" rumor could be taken with a grain of salt as it is too early to speculate in such terms regarding the game title. "The Last of Us 2" is said to be released in 2018 exclusively in the PlayStation 4.

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