Does Joel Die in 'The Last of Us' Part 2? : Here is The Theory

By Muhammad Firman Akhsanu Ridho , Updated Dec 07, 2016 08:16 AM EST

Although the rumors are often circulating about a sequel to "The Last of Us", what people saw on PlayStation Experience was very gratifying. Especially, for those who wanted to see a continuity of what we saw in the past generation. In addition to bringing a very interesting and exciting excerpt, the video released a theory in the air: Joel is dead.

People may ask themselves, "Hey, but he shows up in the last scenes, how can this be?" Apparently, it's just a hallucination of Ellie, who is possibly seeking revenge for the death of the former protagonist. Since the new protagonist never looks directly at the character and his face is never shown in front of the camera. In addition, the drop of blood that flows on the face of the protagonist in "The Last of Us" could be interpreted as an analogy to the tear. Certainly, people must emphasize: it is only theories circulating the internet.

One of the fuels of this rumor is fueled by the conversation of Neil Drunkmann. It says that if the first "The Last of Us" game was about love and the relationship of Ellie and Joel, the second would be about the girl's hatred. However, what would make her so angry, if not her friend's death? There are other reasons, of course, but this is a strong candidate.

If there are many people who believe that Joel is dead, there is an equally powerful force going in the opposite direction. Many players of "The Last of Us" think that using a close friend's revenge technique is cliché and too predictable for a company at the Naughty Dog level, which has brought an emotional adventure that has run away from the industry's most unscrupulous script techniques.

After all, this narrative move was lightly explored in the first game, but eventually diverted from the predictable (when the hero is injured in the winter). In addition, some users believe it would not be Joel's hallucination, as he is portrayed walking through the house and past several rooms of the site. It includes a gun in his hand. If he really was dead, it would make more sense for him to appear in a cut scene in "The Last of Us", more suddenly.

After all, was Joel dead or just a theory? Joel is not necessarily dead in "The Last of Us", because the game could start in a more traditional way, without a big problem and in a quiet life of the two. Yet, in the future, it would culminate in a tragedy that would involve the death of the character. There is much creative ground here for people to plant the fertile seed of the imagination.

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