The OnePlus 4 Could Be The Best Android Phone Ever

By Ten L. , Updated Dec 06, 2016 06:13 PM EST

OnePlus has been known for its half-the-flagship-price offer for its high-powered smartphone releases. When the company started out a few years ago, it wasn't exactly clear how they will be able to join a crowded smartphone market. However, as it turned out, the company targeted the consumers' weakness - low price. Imagine getting a smartphone that can compete with a premium flagship's power and finesse but offered at half the price. Won't you grab it without hesitations? That's exactly what OnePlus' edge is, and it might still be carried out when they release the OnePlus 4.

OnePlus 4 As A New Flagship Killer Smartphone

Expectations for the OnePlus 4 still revolve around being a flagship killer. The OnePlus 3 is sold for $399 while the OnePlus 3T has a starting price of $439. With that said, the OnePlus 4 could have a price of around $500. It may be quite a leap from OnePlus 3's price but it is still leaps and bounds away from Samsung and Apple's pricing. With that, the OnePlus 4 could still be the flagship killer fans hope it would be.

OnePlus 4 Rumored Specs And Features

The OnePlus 4 is highly likely to be a phablet like its predecessor. OnePlus has already mentioned sticking to this phone size. As for the smartphone's internals, it could probably sport a RAM size of around 8 GB and a more powerful processor that will either be the Snapdragon 830 or 835.

So far OnePlus is still keeping its silence on this matter but rumor has it that the OnePlus 4 could be VR-friendly and come with a glass body. A dual camera system could also be in the picture. Needless to say, there really aren't any solid confirmations about these rumors. Tech Radar says that the OnePlus 4 could come out mid-2017, so fans just need to wait and see. One thing is still likely though, OnePlus' next flagship phone could still be every other smartphone brand's worst nightmare.

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