Walking Dead Season 8 Spoilers, Predictions: Negan as Carl's Twisted Father-Like Figure, Rick Outrage? Daryl, Rosita Dies

By Mardielyn , Updated Dec 07, 2016 01:51 AM EST

"The Walking Dead" Season 8 will be much  darker than Season 7. If this season, we saw two fan favorite characters die namely Glenn and Abraham, next season will be bloodier and more emotional for the fans.

Negan Will Live Longer

Negan, the newest threat for Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon and to other characters is set to return in "The Walking Dead" Season 8 and his comeback is nothing like his previous appearance. His rage, violence, and thirst for death will be much more visible on the next season unlike in season 7

A recent report from Romper claim that in "The Walking Dead" Season 8, Negan will be in most of the episodes unlike in season 7 where he was only seen for about three episodes. However, though he is physically absent in most part of season 7, his aura and the darkness he left to the character's lives are so traumatic that even saying his name is like a torture for everybody.

Though most of "The Walking Dead" fans are asking for Negan's immediate death, sorry to say but he will live longer than what everybody expected. Worse, there are spoilers saying that Negan will not die in the series, unlike other front runner characters.

Carl and Negan's Twisted but Sincere Relationship

Fans saw Carl hopped in the truck of Negan and his gang as he is planning to kill the murderer of his friends, Abraham and Glenn. However, as fan theories and predictions, not to mention, "The Walking Dead" Season 8 spoiler is concerned, Negan will be more likely become a twisted father-like figure to rick's son.

Based on theories and predictions, Negan was once a father before the zombie breakout and now that he has Carl, he will be the opposite type of Rick when it comes to guiding the boy. It is said that the villain, who will eventually side with Rick, will be in between of Carl and his father and it will affect their relationship. Though the boy's goal is still about killing Negan, he and the latter will have a special bond throughout the season.

This relationship, as far as the speculations are concerned, it will lead Rick to feel outraged. Seeing his son and daughter bond with the man who killed his friends is way too much for him.

Daryl and Rosita Fate

Norman Reedus renewed his contract for "The Walking Dead" Season 8, which means Daryl will be safe until the next season. However, on GameNGuide report, hints revealed that it will be the character's last appearance. And same as his fate, spoilers also revealed that in the comics, Rosita will meet the same end.

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