'Dead Rising 4' Latest News & Update: Frank West Is Back, But Is Game The Same? Here's What We Know So Far

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Dec 07, 2016 08:22 AM EST

"Dead Rising" 4 is one game that fans have clamored on and have anticipated greatly, given the entire franchise's success up to this day. That being said, there is only room for very little disappointment as the game is already upon the fans-but that may not be the apparent case.

Slated for a December 6 launch, "Dead Rising 4" has finally stomped on the pandemonium that many have craved for and seen in their latest trailer. As far as the gameplay goes, the same principle applies for the particular title; but complains started upon the realization of one vital factor.

Past reports stated that "Dead Rising 4" does not seem to feel like the predecessors at some point for the time being. However, features within the game have kept it quite appealing in the eyes of the gamers the same way, especially with the addition of more weapons and vehicles to the mix. Apart from the original game, the "Dead Rising 4" Deluxe Edition is expected to bring forth EXO suits, some new zombie classes and the craved 4-player co-op.

Being an Xbox exclusive for over a year, fans are to be treated to some freebies and promotions along the way. It may have become a concern to some that "Dead Rising 4" may not be made for the PlayStation 4, but fans can rest assured that the PC version is still intact.

For those uninformed, "Dead Rising 4" is the continuity of the saga surrounding photojournalist Frank West as he extinguishes the Undead, surviving through scavenged and improvised weaponry. In the existing title, West goes to Willamette to save a former student post the Black Friday Sale. It is now up to West to gather all the probable resources to aid him in survival, with a slight touch of humor in between the action-packed waves of zombies.

Are you a fan of Frank West and the idea of "Dead Rising 4?" Sound off in the comments section and watch the reveal trailer below.

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