‘The Last Guardian’ News & Updates: An Immersive Adventure Unlike Any Other

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Dec 07, 2016 05:00 AM EST

The only way to explain what “The Last Guardian” is to gaming is to compare it to another game. Back in the old days a game named “Journey” was released. It did not offer action, races, or drama, it was a simple story about one character’s travel through an immensely beautiful world. This is what “The Last Guardian” is, it is the next step taken in the direction, which “Journey” started.

Forbes shares what the game is all about. It is about travel, adventure and friendship. The most unexpected friendship between a little boy named Ueda and a giant creature named Trico. The two of them meet within an underground dungeon. At first Trico is being hostile towards the boy, but you have one assignment and it is “Help Trico”. You have no other pointers towards achieving the goal, which helps you explore the world in a way that you feel right. After the initial conflict, the boy and his new friend try to find their place in a world which even though beautiful is also quite dangerous.

The beauty of “The Last Guardian” hides in the details and Time Magazine makes sure that you find it out. Not only the environment, audio cues and flicker of lights, but the detail in every single aspect of the game. Trico is quite often giving you clues to what you should do through body language and small clues left within his behavior. Sometimes, following his movement, or just feeling his behavior is enough to show you the right way. This is why, the game demand patience from you. In an era of fast paced gaming, this one marvel gives you a short break and the opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy the moment, as you follow everything around you.

Games Radar shares some of the negative parts of the game. First is the fact that a sudden drop in FPS can be felt when traversing in an open environment. Another problem is the difficulty of properly utilizing the controls. Sometimes it is the camera which is the source of the problems, other times lack of proper movement readings.

Players should not let the fault discourage them from trying the game, as it is a unique piece of art which will leave its mark in gaming history. “The Last Guardian” is available on PS4.

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