'Pokken Tournament' Latest News & Updates: Empoleon Added to the Roster; Will the Pokemon be Released as DLC in Wii U?

By Ruffy , Updated Dec 07, 2016 01:52 PM EST

Another character is set to join the roster of "Pokkem Tournament," but the only downside is that it will only be available in the arcade version of the game. The new fighter was announced with a trailer and it seems that its specialty is water type attacks.

The new playable character in the arcade version of "Pokken Tournament" is Empoleon. The Pokémon has always been known to be the final evolution of Piplup which is part of the fourth generation starters. Moreover, the Sinnoh region starter Pokémon is also a water type and a steel type. With this, Empoleon might unleash attacks that are a mix of those element types.

Based on the trailer that was shown, it seems that Empoleon might be able to freeze the stages of "Pokken Tournament" thus giving him the capability to be more mobile. According to reports, freezing the arena might also allow the Pokémon to change its attack properties. The Pokémon may also execute moves such as Drill Peck, Aqua Jet, Steel Wing and Ice Beam.

In addition, there were also other fighters that were recently added in the "Pokken Tournament." Scizor is one of the recent characters that have been available which is a Bug type and a Steel type. Meanwhile, the another Pokémon is Darkrai, one of the franchise's legendary creatures, and it is a Dark type.

Aside from the new character in "Pokken Tournament," Meloetta can now be obtained in the sixth generation titles of the franchise which are "Pokémon X," "Pokémon Y," "Pokémon Omega Ruby," and "Pokémon Alpha Sapphire." Players can receive the mythical Pokémon by going to "Mystery Gift" and selecting "Get Via Internet." The distribution of the Meloetta will only last until Dec. 24. Also, the Steel type and Fairy type Pokémon, Magearna, can now be acquired in "Pokémon Sun" and "Pokémon Moon" by scanning its QR code which can be found online.

Empoleon will be available in the arcade version of "Pokken Tournament" in Japan on Dec. 15. There are still no announcements yet if the Pokémon will come as a downloadable content (DLC) in the Wii U version of the game.

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