Microsoft Surface Book 2 Release Dates, News & Update: Intel Kaby Lake Processors Confirmed! New & Improved Battery Life & Hinge Expected

By Kaye Reese , Updated Dec 07, 2016 07:32 AM EST

It's been a while since tech enthusiasts last heard of any news about the Microsoft Surface Book 2. Regardless, it's been a year since the first Surface Book, which means an update or refresh of the device is long overdue. But what can people expect from the upcoming flagship 2-in-1 laptop? Here's the rundown of everything you need to know about the Microsoft Surface Book 2: specs and features, upgrades, price details and more.

Specifications and features

It's been widely reported that the key component feature of the Microsoft Surface Book 2 would be the upcoming Intel Kaby Lake processors, which is expected to ship sometime in 2017. These processors promise speedier and smoother performance, thus making the Surface Book 2 one of the most anticipated laptops in the market right now.

Meanwhile, TechRadar reported that the Microsoft Surface Book 2 may offer the same-sized screen at 13.5 inches, but with an improved resolution at 3,840 x 2,140. This would allow the Surface Book 2 to support 4K video and 3D graphics.


Among the many things fans wish to appear in the upcoming Microsoft Surface Book 2, of course, is longer battery life. Despite its stellar specs, its current battery life is surprisingly low--at 4 hours--which limits the amount of activity and productivity that users are able to accomplish.

Fans also want to see improvements on the Microsoft Surface Book 2 hinge. Users have often complained that the hinges--which have grooves--easily accummulate dust and particles that could often ruin the screen or the laptop itself. As such, they wish to see a detachable screen that would truly encapsulate a tablet-laptop experience.

Release date

Currently, the tech giant has yet to make an official announcement regarding the Microsoft Surface Book 2, but it's widely expected to launch sometime around 2017, especially if it were truly waiting for the Intel Kaby Lake processors. Stay tuned for more updates on the Microsoft Surface Book 2.

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