'Final Fantasy XV' Reviews, News & Updates: Game Getting Beef for Having Less Women? Long Wait Not Worth It? Gameplay Details, Guide

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Dec 07, 2016 07:44 AM EST

"Final Fantasy XV" became an immediate household name from the early going, given the franchise's utter popularity. However, there may be some who think that the title is not worth the decade of wait, even with the good things it promised.

Square Enix has done quite the job with their "Final Fantasy" series, and now that the long-awaited "Final Fantasy XV" has surfaced, there is so much to try and presumably complain as well. Some may also have some queries in mind that seem to make sense as to why it is a wonder, but mostly due to the game being how it was made.

According to recent reviews by Rolling Stone, "Final Fantasy XV" gave fans the ten-year wait that was somewhat deemed unnecessary-almost the same as how many waited for "The Last Guardian." The difference, however, is that the Square Enix title was not even the supposed numerical equivalent of the franchise. It can be recalled that it was a successor to the run of "Final Fantasy XIII," only with more upgrades and refurbishing. Another comments speaks on how the hype of the game was quite excessive, as well as the entirety of the game being quite the mess.

One other thing that captivated the critics is how "Final Fantasy XV" did not showcase too much of female protagonists but more on the relation towards the four male leads. This may be a slight concern, but so far, not many have complained about. Previous questions raised by fans say inquire on where the female characters have gone, given that it was done so during "Final Fantasy X-2 with three women.

For those unaware, "Final Fantasy XV" is not completely related to the past games of the franchise, which makes it a good starter for those who wish to engage in it. Fans of the original series are also welcome to continue their journey as the elements of the previous can still be seen in the supposed entry. What do you think of "Final Fantasy XV?" Sound off in the comments section below and keep it locked here at GamenGuide.

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