‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Will Coffee And Pocket Monsters Mix In Starbucks-Sponsored Program? McDonalds Next!

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 07, 2016 07:17 AM EST

With “Pokemon Go” continuing its ramp as one of the best mobile games to take on to date, seeing Niantic hook up with Starbucks is not necessarily new. Other than turning the Starbucks outlets into either Poke Stops or Pokemon Gyms most are concerned about the goodies and pocket monsters that await.

'Pokemon Go' Frapuccino anyone?

Niantic and Starbucks have collaborated for a special sponsorship deal which could see several outlets turned into PokeStops or Pokemon Gyms. Part of it are new drinks such as a “Pokemon Go” Frapuccino, something most believe may taste like a Blueberry Cobbler Frapuccino.

As far as the aesthetics of the drink is concerned, it is likely to sport a different color. On that note, “Pokemon Go” players now let their imagination run wild, including the potential Pokemon that could be offered.

One Pokemon many are expecting is Pikachu, not necessarily among the rares but a tough pocket monster to pinpoint. He could be dealt for free though such has yet to be confirmed, Nintendo Wire reported.

With reference to the spotted color scheme of the “Pokemon Go” Frapuccino, others have expanded their imagination on possible pocket monsters coming out in the open. Mewtwo and/or Mew could be a possibility. Ditto is perhaps the closest to associate with the purple-colored drink but the blob-type critter is already out in the open, Slash Gear reported.

Expanding imaginations further, some are tying up the possible rollout of “Pokemon Go” generation 2. The new update has been rumored for a possible release this December as well, meaning more features and improvements for active augmented reality gamers.

McDonalds and Niantic Partnership Next?
With the Niantic-Starbucks collaboration looming big, other popular retail stores could follow. McDonalds may reportedly be in line following word that both have held talks in the past. Nothing is certain for now but it may be a possibility.

McDonalds will likely monitor the Starbucks campaign and take it from there. It could convince them to try the initiative, something that could fit well with 3,000 Japan-based sponsored stops included.

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