'Pokemon GO' Latest News & Update: The Christmas Event Is Coming!

By Jerome , Updated Dec 07, 2016 09:56 AM EST

"Pokemon GO" is a free to play game developed by Niantic. "Pokemon GO" can be played in mobile phones both IOS and Android. "Pokemon GO" was released in selected countries in July 2016.

Once player customizes their own avatar in "Pokemon GO", the avatar is displayed in a map using the own player geographical location. As players move within their own real surroundings, Pokemon will appear and you will catch them with a Pokeball. The Map includes Pokestops that provide players items and Pokemon gyms that serves as battle locations for team based king of the hill style matches.

Right now Niantic is planning to release it's Christmas event that can change the game itself even though the decreasing number of players in "Pokemon GO". It is said that the "Pokemon GO" Christmas event is bigger than November's Halloween update and Thanksgiving. Reports of "Pokemon GO" Christmas events will double the candies for transferring, catching and hatching Pokemon, "Pokemon GO" will aso provide increase in spawns in ice type, And Decresing the distance in walking player's own Pokemon to get candies.

Another rumours that Niantic is about to release Generation 2 update in "Pokemon GO" this December. Generation 2 Pokemon's will start from number Pokemon number 152 which is Chikorita to number 251 which is Celebi.

If Generation 2 will be released in "Pokemon GO," then there will be new evolution as well like Onyx that will evolved into Steelix. Players are hoping for the legendary Pokemon to be release as well.

The update size of "Pokemon GO" could be large as putting an event and increasing Pokemon numbers will really eat up all the spaces in the phone storage. There is not enough updates yet from Niantic but everyone know's that they will find ways to get there players back. Let's just wait and let Niantic surprise as again with the game Pokemon GO.


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