Nokia Android Phones 2017 Release Date, Specs & Features: HMD Global to Carry Nokia Banner; Details Revealed

By Susmita Pathak Mishra , Updated Dec 07, 2016 09:35 AM EST

Nokia Android phones are all set to get revived with more complex technologies and advanced features to play its part in global digitization. The gradual disappearance of the brand from the marker came as a shock to everyone.

When mobiles are talked about, it is Nokia that first comes into most of the people's mind. The reason behind such a reputation is the trustworthy and emotional connection that it made with the public all across the world. The brand gave a novel recognition to the mobile industry. For many, mobile phones meant Nokia phones. With the news of the return of Nokia Android phones, fans have already decided which mobile company they will opt for in future.

Nokia Android Phones Update: HMD Global to Carry Nokia Banner

From a simple mobile technology to an advanced techie smartphone, Nokia has given everything to fans according to what they desired. The brand did not only rule Europe, but America and India as well. HMD Global Oy confirmed the return of the range of Nokia Android phones in 2017. Such a sudden revelation concerning the return of a brand that almost reached it finish line is a surprise.

HMD, according to Mirror UK, has been set up to make generation next Nokia Android phones and tablets take shelter. Nokia Technologies and HMD signed a strategic partnership deal in May, which allowed the latter to enjoy the patent licensing on the brand over the next 10 years. That means Nokia Android phones will be carried by new name HMD Global.

The Verge reported that the new Nokia Android phones comeback might not be as effective and trustworthy in the eyes of customers as it used to be when the brand originally came into the market. DOA or "death on arrival," is a term that is used for cases like the Nokia Android phones. Once a brand reaches its line of death and then comes back in the market, there are chances that the sale of the devices decline beyond expectation, the media outlet stated.

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