‘Hunter x Hunter’ News: The Good and Bad on Manga’s Future Without Yoshihiro Togashi; Naoko Takeuchi or Sui Ishida to replace writer?

By Abigail Briones , Updated Dec 07, 2016 01:42 PM EST

Fans of "Hunter x Hunter" were treated to some good news, albeit unconfirmed, regarding their eagerly followed manga series when talk of a new chapter in the making came out. However, with the possible threat came the great probability that the continuation of the story may be taken over by a new writer in place of Yoshihiro Togashi.

Immediately following these reports, there came the outcry from avid fans that having a new writer may not bode well for the manga "Hunter x Hunter." There is concern that a new writer may take the story down a different direction.

Other enthusiasts, however, are taking the opposite stand that a new scribe may take the story to new heights with a fresh perspective. Whatever happens, though, and whoever gets chosen to tell the forthcoming story, it remains that "Hunter x Hunter" will get to go on entertaining its fans.

It is interesting to note though that so far there are two writers who may be considered as Togashi's replacement. One is his wife Naoko Takeuchi, and the other is Sui Ishida, the creator of "Tokyo Ghoul."

This is if the "Hunter x Hunter" publisher Shueisha is indeed contemplating a replacement for Togashi. It remains though that there will be a large audience in Japan alone who may be bereft and left hanging without the next story being told. And this does not even begin to touch on the multitudes of fans in the West who have grown quite attached to the manga. A huge hole will be left in those who have closely followed this series, not to mention the publisher's loss of opportunity in the market.

Togashi's illness and arising inability to continue doing the manga series may be a two-edged sword that can make or break the future of "Hunter x Hunter" worldwide. Would a new writer for the series spell the death of the manga or rebirth?

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