'Dota 2' Latest News & Update: Ymir The Tusk, The Hero With A Powerful Punch

By Jerome , Updated Dec 08, 2016 08:40 AM EST

Ymir the Tusk is a melee strength hero that has an ice based abilities in "Dota 2," a free to play Multiplayer Online Battle arena. Tusk is a strong initiator and ganker in Dota 2 and it is because of his abilities.

The first Ice base abilities of Tusk in "Dota 2" is called Ice Shards. Tusk summon and project ice shards that travels on a selected area that damage all the enemies it contacts with. Then when the shards reach it's target, it will create a shard barrier that can block the path of enemy that will last seven seconds.

Snowball, with the name implies, Tusk will create a snowball in "Dota 2". This ability let Tusk rolls into a snowball that will launch toward the target damaging and stunning the enemy. While on snowball, Tusk can add allied heroes within a 400 radius to increase it's damage on impact with the enemy.

Frozen Sigil, where Tusk can summon a Frozen Sigil by calling upon the deepest cold of winter in "Dota 2". This create a snowstorm that will slow movement and attack speed on all the enemy units within 600 range. The Sigil is controllable by players.

And his Ultimate ability in "Dota 2", that makes him a hard puncher is called Walrus Punch. This punch can do critical strike that is so powerful that it launches it's victim into the air. This ability will stun the enemy and then the enemy will be slowed upon landing.

Another skill of Tusk in "Dota 2" that can only be unlocked once Tusk have an Aghanim's Scepter. This ability will allow Tusk to kick the enemy in the air and away from current position. The enemy that has been kicked by Walrus kick will be slowed once landed.

Tusk is really a good initiator and ganker with this skills in "Dota 2". Tusk can roll a snowball to stun enemy then trapping them with Ice Shard, after than Tusk will summon Frozen Sigil to slow target then Tusk will do the Uppercut or the Walrus Punch.

Players can experiment what ability should be use first. But players can be assured that Tusk skills are really good for ganking and initiating.

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