'The Last of Us 2' Finally Here, Anxious Fans Ecstatic For Its Release On June, 2017

By Lester , Updated Dec 08, 2016 06:04 PM EST

"The Last of Us" final episode left the gamers hanging. Video enthusiasts were divided if that was a good or bad finale for the video game. But it was a director's cue for a second installment of this game series. "The Last of US 2" will have its fans wanting for more. It is quite effective.

The setting of The "Last of Us" is plotted in a post-apocalyptic era when the entire human race is on the verge of extinction caused by a mutated strain known as "Cordyceps Fungus". Survivors are lumped into pockets of resistance, relying from each other for their survival. 

One of those survivors is a girl named Ellie. She was rescued by Joel from the infected. Joel was hesitant in taking in Ellie at first, as he saw that she was bitten by an infected. The plot enacts that once bitten by an infected, a human will no longer be one after 2 days tops. The human transformation into a cannibal eater is caused by that deadly strain. But Ellie told them that she was bitten three weeks before and she had not turned into one yet for "The Last of Us 2." 

This information led Joel of being protective to Ellie as he knows that there will be a cure in Ellie's blood as she is resistant to the strain. Joel would want to take Ellie to the right people for them to extract the cure to save humanity. But after going to all those troubles and all those lives lost, lies and betrayal sat in which made the extraction for the cure a failure.

Then came "The Last of Us 2", the continuation of where was left off from the last episode of Chapter 1. This second installation promises to even be much better than the first, as mentioned from an IGN

Fans are hoping that the second chapter will be available for Xbox One and PS4 upon its release. "The Last of Us 1" was a PS4 exclusive, since the developer, Naughty Dog and Sony Studios Entertainment had a standing relationship when it comes to its development.

"The Last of Us 2" remastered, will be carried at 4K and will run on a PS4 Pro. The version of PS4 Pro has a higher resolution due to its 30Hz mode that enhances shadow maps. It's a sight to see, as mentioned in an article of Digital Spy.

"The Last of Us 2" will be released on June, 2017 on true High Definition.

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