‘Forza Horizon 3’ Latest News & Update: Logitech Sponsors New Car Pack With 1965 Pontiac GTO & Bentley Concept

By Ceage Sotto , Updated Dec 07, 2016 07:18 PM EST

Fans of "Forza Horizon 3" will be treated with a cool collection of iconic cars in the game's latest Downloadable Content (DLC) that is sponsored by Logitech. The popular racing title for the Xbox One and Windows PC would be featuring the classic 1965 Pontiac GTO, as well as the Bentley EXP 10, a concept car that was first unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show in 2015.

The racing game supports a constant stream of DLC, which for many fans of the "Forza Horizon 3" is one of the game's greatest assets. Playground Games' and Turn 10 Studios' creation is widely recognized by the gaming community, earning itself the Best Racing/Sports game at the 2016 Game Awards.

"Forza Horizon 3" Latest News & Update: Logitech G Pack Is Available For $6.99

According to CNET, gamers can purchase the seven car Logitech G pack for $6.99 as a standalone download from the Xbox Store. The DLC features 7 iconic cars that range from old school classics to futuristic concept cars.

The new Logitech pack comes a week after the release of the Blizzard Mountain expansion. The expansion pack aims to bring a challenging winter driving experience for fans of "Forza Horizon 3." The car pack which was detailed by the official news page for the Xbox website, includes the iconic American classic 1965 Pontiac GTO.

Other cars include Bentley's EXP 10 Speed 6 concept car, the well respected Morgan 3 wheeler that was released in 2014. The Jaguar F-PACE is a well equipped SUV that would drive well in the winter conditions of the Blizzard Mountain expansion for "Forza Horizon 3."

Also included in the list is the all-time import tuner, Toyota Supra 2.0 GT Twin Turbo, the 1996 HSV GTSR Limited edition street racer and the 2017 Mercedes-AMG GT R. Gamers that have the "Forza Horizon 3" Car Pass and the "Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate Edition" would no longer need to purchase the standalone DLC. The Logitech G Pack is free for gamers that have subscribed on both premium game subscriptions.

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