'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Guide: How To Catch Wimpod, Knowing It's Catch Rate & Evolve It Into Golisopod

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 08, 2016 10:23 PM EST

Wimpod in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" flees right away when it sees the sight of a trainer, which is why players of the game are having a hard time capturing this Pokemon. Luckily, it is not that hard when they know how to do it properly with some tricks and tips. Wimpod can be evolved to Golisopod on level 30.

However, to pursue this Pokemon might be hard when players just lunge in the area without planning anything. There is actually a way to do it by blocking the hole and securing that it does not go inside its hole. After that, you encounter it just and fight it. An important note to remember is to never let Wimpod's HP [health/hit points] go down or else it will execute an undeniable escape regardless of your Pokemon's ability or skill.

Catching Wimpod fast and easy

Wimpod is located either in these following areas: Poni Breaker Coast, Poni Wilds, or Route 8. Now, once players reach this area, try to secure that they reached the hole, where Wimpod will go through to prevent it from escaping and make sure a Pokemon that can inflict status effect on the said Pokemon is present in the party.

After that, players should go near Wimpod as they are also near the hole and wait for it to scurry back. This is the chance of players to encounter the Pokemon. Based on a post from IGN, this Pokemon has 90 percent catch rate in "Pokemon Sun and Moon," which is good because you can simply throw a Quick ball or any balls to capture it.

If players choose to fight it instead of directly catching it

Some players prefer a secure way to catch Wimpod. Thus, if fighting the Pokemon, try inflicting status effects such as Paralyze or Sleep to catch it easier and prevent from using its Wimp Out ability. After that, players just throw a Pokeball or higher level balls such as Quick ball to capture it right away.

That is how easy to catch this Pokemon and it is no big deal as others are pulling their hair because the said Pokemon escaped in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." Reaching level 30 with the siad Pokemon will evolve into Golisopod, which as additional information in the player's Pokedex.


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