LG G6 Release Date, Specs, Features, News & Update: Smartphone Specifications Leaked in Chinese' Popular Social Media, Weibo

By Muhammad Firman Akhsanu Ridho , Updated Dec 07, 2016 08:11 PM EST

The Chinese social network Weibo was flooded with rumors about the LG G Smartphone early Tuesday morning, and they give us a good idea of what the next top-level maker in South Korea will be like. The first rumors were about something that seems obvious to many people: the LG G6 will not rely on support for the modules.

The feature was the G5's main selling point, which left many people frustrated - especially in South America. It has proven to be a resounding sales failure. Instead, LG will return to bet on the traditional way of making smartphones. So much that rumors have it, that LG G6 Smartphone will come with a removable battery and that it can catch the tide of the moment, supporting fast charging.

Since it is talking about charging, it's speculated that the device can also be charged wirelessly. Something that has long been unseen on an LG smartphone. Another bet of the men on duty is that LG G6 Smartphone will finally be waterproof . Something neither the G5 nor the V20 are. This calls attention, especially because technically people are talking about a device whose battery can be removed.

Reports from the South Korean media, however, say the secret is LG's wrap-around adhesives, superior to those of 3M's adopted by competitors such as Samsung. If all this is true, it will be great to know. However, if there is a bare minimum of truth in all these rumors, then people can have a hopeful edge that LG G6 Smartphone will be back on the block as one of the big smartphone makers next year. Hopefully, the G6 generation will have some improvements that people expect to be the high - end smartphone in LG devices line.

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