'Final Fantasy XV’ Latest News & Updates: Role Playing Game Introduces The Regalia, A Must Have Fantasy Car

By Jiffy Rando , Updated Dec 08, 2016 07:17 AM EST

With the recent release "Final Fantasy XV" by Square Enix, many of its avid gamers are still trying to familiarize themselves with the game. Despite the absence of an official walkthrough, fans are lending each other a helping hand by sharing tips on how to get the most out of the game's mew atmosphere and dynamics. In particular the introduction of a flying car referred to as Regalia.

As "Final Fantasy XV" shifts from its predecessors standard one Role Playing elements to a more open world environment, the Regalia definitely come in handy as it serves as the gamer's means of transportation as he explores that vast landscape of Eos. However, while non gamers may view it as a mere tool, It turns out this car is more than it appears to be. The reason for that is the Regalia is arguably a character itself since it plays a vital role in the story, not just getting characters from point A to point B. In fact, fans treat the car as a must have given the game's new dynamics.

This is further reinforced as "Final Fantasy XV" depicts the Regalia more so as a means for our main characters to bond, chatting about everything that is happening, while reminiscing memory lane by listening to tracks of previous installments. The Regalia is also the embodiment of a luxury car with all its elements looking as if it came out of an high end car show with its immaculate look and sleek design. To top it all off, with players applying a bit of effort they can unlock its flight mode making it seem like a spaceship.

That observation turned out to be spot on as artist Yusaku Nakaaki reveals that the Regalia Type- F, is actually the result from all the fan feedbacks that Square Enix got from gamers who the traditional airship in the game. The artist even gave pointers on how gamers can get their hands on this airship extension for the vehicle in "Final Fantasy XV." First the player has to clear the game, aside from that he must meet the two requirements for it namely wiping out three bases of the Nifheim Empire and talking to a girl named Cindy.

These directives seem to be easy as upon clearing the game, the location of these bases are revealed on the map as huge gray blocks. An item is rewarded each time a base is taken down. As for Cindy, she is located in Hammerhead. Players must remember to give her the items from the base quest to unlock the Regalia Type F. The airship allows players to go anywhere. Upgrades are also made available to further enjoy the game that is "Final Fantasy XV."

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