'Dota 2' Latest News & Update: Zeus, A God That Will Struck You With Lighting.

By Jerome , Updated Dec 08, 2016 08:47 AM EST

Zeus, The Lord of Heaven is a ranged intelligence hero that has a lightning base abilities in "Dota 2," a free to play Multiplayer Online Battle arena. His abilities sole purpose is to delivering a tremendous amounts of magical damage to enemies. Zeus is a God that gave up his immortality.

His first skill is Arc Lightning that hurls a bolt of lightning that chains or leaps through nearby damage. It is one of the skills that has a faster cooldown speed in "Dota 2". This is Zeus favorite spell to use against puny mortals.

Lightning Bolt is a skill or spell that allows Zeus to calls down a bolt of lightning to strike enemies and causing mini stun to stop channeling skills. Lightning bolt also provides unobstructed vision and true sight around the target 750 radius in "Dota 2". Lightning bolt can also be cast on the ground.

Static Field, a passive skill of Zeus, allows him to shock all nearby enemy units whenever he cast any of his spells or skills. The damage is proportional to the enemies current health. This is one of the skills of Zeus in "Dota 2" that makes him really dangerous.

The ultimate spell or skill of Zeus in "Dota 2" is the Thundergod's Wrath. It will strike all heroes with Lightning Bolt no matter where they are. This is a global skills that will hit everyone on "Dota 2" map. No one escape the ultimate skill of Zeus.

Thundergod's Wrath increase damage when Zeus has an equip Aghanim's Scepter. Thundergod's Wrath is One of the dangerous skills in "Dota 2" that can instantly killed an enemy with low hp. Zeus is one of the hero who deal tremendous amount of damage in the game, but lacks any escape skills that makes Zeus an easy target.

If Zeus has been use correctly then Zeus can control the game as early as a player can. But if enemies manage to get an item like Black King Bar, an item that allows hero to provide invulnerability to some spells. Black King Bar will make Zeus skills or spell pointless in "Dota 2".

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