‘Dead Rising 4’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How To Increase Level Of Emergency Shelters Quickly! Gameplay Details & More Hacks & Guide!

By Laine Lucas , Updated Dec 08, 2016 07:02 AM EST

Emergency Shelters in "Dead Rising 4" serves as players' safe house within the game. Players can take refuge inside this building as vendors inside sell items that can help with survival. These emergency shelters can be upgraded but a player will need to send survivors inside the building to do that. Here are few simple tricks on how to level up Emergency Shelters fairly quickly.

Finding survivors for emergency shelters in "Dead Rising 4" can be a bit challenging but this trick or cheat can help populate shelters and eventually result to its increased level. The maximum level that the shelters can upgrade to is Level 5. As explained by Prima Games, it would take at least two survivors for the shelter to upgrade to the next level but the hardest to achieve is Level 4 and 5, which would require more survivors.

Players will need to rescue around ten survivors across Willamette in "Dead Rising 4." The major sections of the area are Old Town, North Peak, West Ridge and Willamette Memorial Megaplex. Before going out for a search and rescue operation, players will need to wipe out zombies outside an Emergency Shelter. About five of these survivors will get out of a locked room once the zombies are cleared out. They will then proceed to the shelter and become vendors.

The important trick in "Dead Rising 4" when it comes to leveling up Emergency Shelters is to be on a lookout for what is called the survivor event, which is represented by a blue question mark. Simply clearing the area of zombies will make survivors get out of their hiding places and run back to your shelter. Repetition is helpful in this case and the good thing is that the survivor events can be repeated.

What's more awesome is that in this version of "Dead Rising 4," there is no need to escort the survivors back to the shelter. They won't need assistance when running back to the shelter and they will be safe from zombie attacks.

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