Johnny Depp Dominates The List Of The Most Overpaid Actors For The Second Year In A Row

By Sunidhi , Updated Dec 08, 2016 11:31 AM EST

Well,this happened all over again! So just like the last year, Oscar nominee Johnny Depp has been ranked on the top of the Forbe's "most overpaid actor's" list. The 53 year old Depp was alleged by his wife for physical and verbal abuse and the judge gave a restraining order against him. The magazine considered the last three movies of all the actors that were put upon the list and after that it analysed the amount of money earned by each one of them.

His movies were the ones that were released before June 2016. The judge's restraining order came during the time when his movie "Alice Through the Looking Glass" (sequel of "Alice In Wonderland") was released in the theatres. It became a major flop. The calculations of the profit made by the last three movies showed, that for every $1 paid to him only a small amount of $2.80 was returned at the box office. In the last years his movies "Trancendence", "Mortdecai" and the "Lone Ranger" did not impress the audience much.

Well dominating the list of the most overpaid actor can now affect his career. The second position on the list was given to Will Smith. His movies returned only an amount of $5 for every $1 paid to him.  The third position was grabbed by Channing Tatum. His movies have been hit and successful but even after that his average was not good. The reason behind this was the flop movie "Jupiter Ascending" that faded away the success of the hit movie "Magic Mike XXL". His movies returned $8 for every $1 earned by him.

The remaining of the top ten positions were filled by Will Ferrel, George Clooney, Adam Sandler, Mark Wahlberg, Leonardo Dicaprio, Julia Roberts and Bradley Cooper. Julia Roberts was the only female actor on the top ten list.

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