Sony News & Updates: Project Field And Playstation Games For Mobile Phones

By Michael Augustin , Updated Dec 08, 2016 11:16 AM EST

Sony introduces their newest interactive platform called Project Field. The technology is expected to add a degree of functionality to certain card games. The device is reported to initially support the "Yokai Watch" card game. This kind of platform appears to be another kind of augmented reality accessory to enhance an existing game.

Project field is designed to add another level of interaction to some games. The pad uses sensors like an IC chip reader and uses Bluetooth to connect to a compatible tablet or mobile phone. The pad also uses LED lights to most likely alert users or displays a game current status. It could also be used to indicate which player is designated as A or B. It could also apparently identify which cards are on the pad and track its current location in relation to the playing field. Digital Trends reports that it can also track the status and level of character cards, to possibly save the data for another time if the game is ended.

There are many trading card games that would be a great addition to Sony's Project Field platform. Popular ones such as Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and others. Other gaming companies have successfully integrated augmented-reality platforms like Activision's "Skylander" game series and figures, Disney with their "Infinity" collectibles and games and Nintendo with their Amiibo figures and compatible games. The platform is currently targeted for Japanese markets only, with no word of a possible western release.

The Wall Street Journal also reports that Sony aims to diversify its market. Other than their "Project Field" system, the company plans to also release smartphone games using its expansive library of Playstation games. Popular games such as their "Everybody's Golf" series and "PaRappa the Rapper" will see a mobile version released next year. Sony videogame executive Tomoki Kawaguchi said "We will make the full use of assets the Playstation has built" to choose games that would best fit the "smartphone platform."

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