Battleborn Latest News & Updates: ‘Battleborn Winter Update’ Did A Great Changes; Expect A Better Gaming Experience

By Arlene Limsiaco , Updated Dec 08, 2016 08:11 AM EST

"Battleborn" sales didn't reach its expected sales this year, however, the Gearbox Software developer still continues to improve the game and give an explicit great gaming experience for their fans. The "Battleborn" Winter Update unlocks 25 characters, new training modes, credit boosts in the story mode and more several changes for their returning players.

There were significant changes in the "Battleborn" Winter Update for the new players including the core of 25 characters that unlocks when Prologue stage has been completed. Character unlock challenges will be easier this time and these challenges now award a brand new skin upon completion.

When it comes to the Story Mode, all missions will have more guides and tools to help the player to surpass different areas in the game. Credit awards have been boosted to support the lead player to get an early edge on loot packs, and also two new training modes will be available soon. Tutorials were added to build up the PVP skills and learn the key elements of the game. First play could be solo and player can repeat the practice with three players in a group in "Battleborn".

The "Battleborn" Winter Update was made for returning players as well. It has updates such as user interface changes, updated in-game economy, and daily quests. Draft Mode was one of the exciting inclusion in the latest update of the game. It allows the teams and players to choose which heroes they want to use and which heroes they don't want to use the other team. In addition, the game pushed the cap to 150 for Command Rank and rank 20 for each character with new rewards.

The last but definitely not the least feature of "Battleborn" Winter Update was PS4 Pro Support in which the players can choose between 4k at 30fps or 1080p at 60fps. Furthermore, the game didn't change its price, and still sells for $60 or £40.

There will be more information about the updates in a live stream on Dec.8 at 2pm PT or 5pm ET.

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