'Pokemon GO' News & Update: Leaked Events This December Exciting As New Pokemon Characters

By Staff Reporter , Updated Dec 08, 2016 08:48 AM EST

The recent partnership between Niantic and Sprint resulted to new Pokemon characters coming this December. According to the latest news, the "Pokemon GO" game is all set to promote Sprint Stores by featuring several Poke Stops within the Sprint stores and its partner establishments. That being said, fans are excited about the new characters arriving; this is despite Niantic CEO John Hanke announcing that, they will not arrive all at once.

In the official "Pokemon GO" channels, it was announced that, Niantic is all set to bring new in-game experience to their fans; and they can't see a better time to do that than this upcoming holiday season. Previous notable updates on the game include Ditto, the Nearby feature launch and some of the actual mechanics of the game.

But in a recent leaked Reddit Post, it looks like there's more to the holiday season treat than plain new characters on the "Pokemon GO" game. According to the post, starting December 8 Niantic will include several Starbucks locations as Poke Stops. Each designated Starbucks stop will host a ""Frappachino" wherein, players will have to engage to it. After engaging, a code will be given to the player wherein, the player will be entitled to purchase it in the Starbucks store.

Once purchased, the "Pokemon GO" game will reveal the next unreleased Pokemon character yet. Interestingly, it's not only Sprint Stores that is capitalizing on the popularity of Niantic's augmented "Pokemon GO" game.

The all new creatures in the "Pokemon GO" courtesy of Niantic and Sprint's partnership are expected to arrive on the 12th of December. Meanwhile, expect more characters to arrive as the collaboration strengthens in the coming days.

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