'Half-Life 3' Release Date, Leaks, News & Update: Valve's Title Possibly Preparing for VR; Is the 20th Anniversary the Day? Gameplay Details

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Dec 08, 2016 08:37 AM EST

"Half-Life 3" is one idea that many have come to like in the past number of years, but unfortunately, nothing has come into fruition. One particular rumor, so far, has left fans thinking deep on what could be the reason behind the wait.

Valve followers that have been aware of the titles that the company made can point out that the number "3" may be a curse, as some of their hard-hitting titles have not gone beyond three installments. Such examples include "Team Fortress," "Left 4 Dead" and of course, "Half-Life 3" which up to this day makes gamers upset on not existing.

According to recent reports, "Half-Life 3" is still but a mere desire by fans, which Valve has continued to debunk through the months, but there are those who think the reason behind this is the VR compatibility. Sadly, this is all mere speculation for the time being and has not been confirmed by Valve themselves, though some relative leaks were spotted online such as the code HL:VR. Movement codes and weapons are also said to be part of this source code accordingly, but it was somewhat justified to be leftover codes from past Valve experiments and the like.

It was rumored that Valve will have "Half-Life 3" released or at least announced in time for their 20th year anniversary, though this is yet to be completely justified. Up to this day, fans are still clamoring for more information around the supposed third installment, but all seemingly to no avail. One of the closer relatives that could come is "Left 4 Dead 3," which had many undisputed probabilities thus far.

Will fans see the light of "Half-Life 3" sooner than later? Or is Valve completely shutting out the idea of a third title for good? Let us know your thoughts on the comments section below and don't forget to stay posted here at GamenGuide for more gaming news and updates.

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