MacBook Pro 2017 Latest News, Glitches and Updates: Battery Problems and Shutdown Issues Among Concerns of Users in MacBook Pro 2016; What is the Cause?

By Nens Mitchell , Updated Dec 09, 2016 08:40 PM EST

A few months after Apple's MacBook Pro 2016 was released in the market, users noted some concerns with the device including battery and hard drive issues. As people await answers and solutions from Apple, many are curious if these issues will be addressed when the MacBook Pro 2017 is released.

The unexpected shutdown of the device was one of the major problems cited by users in their reviews of the MacBook Pro 2016. Its cause is attributed to the connection of external hard drives to the laptop.

Hard drive issues

Users claimed that when they tried transferring data like photos from a USB to the MacBook Pro 2016, it suddenly shuts down. Even though laptops users already restart their devices, they encounter the same problem again.

Those encountering this problem are already waiting for Apple's answer to their concern. It was suggested that the tech giant may need to check both the hardware and the software of the recently released Apple laptop to solve this issue.

Short battery life

Another concern for some users is the short battery life of the MacBook Pro 2016. Users estimate that the battery life of the device did not even come close to the promise 10 hours of use by Apple. Some claimed that their device can last for six hours at most while others said their laptops can only service them for three straight hours then becomes drained.

A discussion on Reddit revealed that there are really a lot of users not happy with the battery life of the MacBook Pro 2016. "If I do nothing but very light web browsing in Safari and brightness around 50 percent I can get it to about 6 hours. But not even close to the 10 hours promised," the user explained.

This is just one of the several complaints that Apple users have been posting online in line with the MacBook Pro 2016 release. To owners of this new device, what problems are you experiencing so far? Whaat do you like to see in the new MacBook Pro 2017?

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