Apple Watch Series 2 Latest News & Update: The Most Preferred Smart Watch Of 2016 & The Best Gift For This Christmas

By K Wissie , Updated Dec 09, 2016 06:40 AM EST

The Apple Watch Series 2 is the second generation of Apple Watches that was released last Sept. 16, 2016. Based on some reports, Apple's CEO Tim Cook has recently confirmed that the Apple Watch is doing well in terms of sale and has become one of the most popular gifts for this holiday.

The remarkable characteristics of Apple Watch Series 2 are its water-resistant feature for up to 50 meter rating for swimming and swim tracker; 4GB of storage where you can store the songs from your iPhone.  A dual-core CPU for much faster processor. It also has additional features such as the wet mode that locks the display and disables touch functionality when activated; twice brightness feature since it is made up of 1000 nits.  Also an OLED element that turns off when not in use. Furthermore, its speaker emits a pulse to shove out any water. And it has a battery lifespan of roughly 18 hours to two days depending on usage.

Last Oct. 28, 2016, the Apple Watch Nike+ was launched. It has all the features of Apple Watch Series 2 plus the new Nike+ Run Club that gives motivation for running, guidance from the world's best coaches and athletes, and coaching plans that adapt to the user's unique schedule and progress. It also features the exclusive Nike Sport Bands and unique watch faces inspired by Nike's iconic style, which can be easily personalized with useful running apps.

Therefore, the Apple Watch Series 2 is more durable and useful. You can listen to your music and use the GPS without your iPhone. Furthermore, you can also receive and make phone calls without using your both hands and avoid missing important texts or calls. And you can also wear it every day outside even in the event of heavy rains.


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