'The Last of Us: Part 2' Latest News & Update: Where Did Joel's Death Theory Began?

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Dec 08, 2016 06:55 PM EST

"The Last of Us: Part 2" may have given the gaming community glimpse of what sad story awaits us and the theory can leave gamers heartbroken. PlayStation Experience 2016 taunted a lengthy trailer of "The Last of Us: Part 2" but there is not much detail to work on in this peek. It took players themselves to theorize where the storyline could possibly lead to.

It has been long since the theory of Joel's death proliferated the gaming world. So long that this potential sad ending spawned even before the reveal trailer of "The Last of Us: Part 2." It was a Twitter post from Marianne Craven that started the lamentations for Joel. Sadly, this twist is now a generally accepted notion for "The Last of Us: Part 2."

When "The Last of Us: Part 2" trailer was revealed, it featured Ellie playing the guitar in somber and melancholic tune while Joel isn't around. The whole idea of his death crossed the minds of dear gamers again, further solidifying the theory. While Naughty Dog received acclamations for the trailer when it opened until the end, Ellie's sad mood veils a dilapidated house albeit beautiful scenery, Cinema Blend observed. "The Last of Us: Part 2" lived through the trademark picturesque quality of the franchise, but why the lamenting guitar chords?

Now here is an afterthought for that "The Last of Us: Part 2" trailer; is Naughty Dog really guiding the players toward Joel's death scenario? While the predecessor was wrapped with fatherly love, "The Last of Us: Part 2" seems bent on heavy hatred in Ellie's heart. Joel's silhouette was present in the trailer and he asked Ellie if she will go on with her plans. Now another question; Is that image part of Ellie's previous conversation with Joel or just her imagination toying her?

It also appears that events leading to "The Last of Us: Part 2" hardened Ellie into a lethal fighting gal. After all, she answered the enigmatic Joel figure with a promise to hunt and kill a lot of people.

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