Oculus Rift Latest News & Update: Nine Oculus Touch Games Players Should Try; Purchase Oculus Rift & Get $100 Amazon Gift Card

By LJ Joseph , Updated Dec 09, 2016 02:20 AM EST

Oculus Rift virtual reality headset comes with motion-control games. Here's the list of nine best Oculus touch games that players should try. These games are available from $49.99 to totally free. Get Oculus Rift virtual reality headset for $599 and get a $100-worth free gift card from Amazon.

Oculus Rift Update: Nine Best Games On Oculus Rift

The Verge reports the nine best motion-control games offered in Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. This includes "I Expect You To Die," "The Climb," "Rescuties," "Superhot VR," "Bullet Train," "Quill," "Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope," "Dexed," and "Fruit Ninja."

Oculus Rift owners can play "I Expect You To Die" for only $24.99. It challenges players to escape impossible situations. They can also play the role of a super-spy who needs to get out of the airplane through a villain's car and escape killer bombs and lasers.

"The Climb" is another game that players should try in Oculus Rift for only $49.99. It is a rock-climbing game that is set at alpine peaks, red-rock canyons, and tropical bays. "The Climb" allows their player to control two disembodied hands during tense journeys.

Players should also try "Rescuties" for $9.99. It is a sophisticated game that is adapted from 1984 MS-DOS game "Bouncing Babies." This challenges players to rescue babies from burning building and transfer them to an ambulance.

"Superhot VR" is also available for only $24.99. It is a remake of "Superhot" first-person shooter. "Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope," a first-person wave shooting game, is also available for only $39.99. Oculus Rift owners should also try playing "Dexed" for only $9.99. It features two weapons that can be used to shoot demons with fireballs and ice chunks. "Fruit Ninja VR" that offers two virtual swords to slash fruits is also available for only $14.99.

Oculus Rift Update: Get Free Games On Oculus Rift

Players should also try free games in Oculus Rift. These include "Bullet Train" and "Quill." "Bullet Train" offers intense shooting and allows players to use a time-stopping mechanic. On the other hand, "Quill" is an Oculus Rift painting app that allows its players to draw complex and three-dimensional spaces.

Oculus Rift Update: Get $100 Gift Card From Amazon

According to PC Gamers, Amazon is offering $100 gift card if users purchase Oculus Rift VR headset. Oculus Rift VR headset is available for $599 with a free $100 gift card.

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